week 5: artisanal, petrossian, redeye grill, a voce, the breslin

i will now discuss these restaurants in twitter form 
{140 characters or less}
and then elaborate throughout the week,
as needed.

some people gain baby weight,
i gain creme brulée weight. 
the meal was good,
but richer than donald trump.

i craved a hot dog, but we had caviar reservations. 
world, have you no mercy?
i felt like i was eating the smell of murray's sturgeon shop in mashed up form.

never did i think that 
sushi & spätzle
 could be such a fantastic post concert meal.

a new dumpling,
 some of the best marinara i've ever had, 
a duck egg, 
and a view of central park for brunch?
yes, plz.

carnivores, unite! 
this place ROCKS. 
caramel corn to start, donuts to end. 
meat in the middle.

...stay tuned for my typical ramble about these places!



p.s. i guess i sorta blew it when it comes to trying only ONE new restaurant a week.
but, hey, it's restaurant week, what was i supposed to do??
these restaurants will count as one on the restaurant-o-meter
so, lovelies, i've got 47 more to go!