go evan.

once upon a time,
before i knew what a xylophone was,
i was an ice skater!

 every day after school,
mum would drive me to the ice rink,
and i'd have class or practice.
i once even landed an axle. teehee.

and every so often...
the evan lysacek would be there.
doing what super stars do.
{yes, even way back then, he was the evan lysacek}

and once...
during a competition at my home rink,
i must have been 11 or 12,
i operated the trophy booth.
and evan was competing and he won his division.
and he came to claim his trophy,
and he walked right up to me,
and i gave him his trophy,
and he said to me,

"thank you."


and now he's the olympic champion.