cheer up, old chap

maybe it was the icky schnitzel,
or maybe it's the gigantor zit on my forehead...
but someone's been a crabby pants lately.
{and her name rhymes with jolly gay}

...and so it is time for a list.

reasons to not be a crabby pants:

1. shaun white's hair

2. peanut butter and cinnamon sandwiches

3. studio dinner at dino barbecue 

4. evan lysacek

5. spring is almost here! time for flowers and the arcade fire!

6. cuddly stuffed penguins that cuddle with you and who have light up hearts

7. my morning walk to school

8. "grapevine fires" by death cab for cutie

9. my silly friends. they are such silly gooses sometimes.

10. my comfy purple canopy bed

11. my neighbor who watches the olympics every night,
praying for curling to come on.

12. the rumor that juilliard is having a prom on friday night...

ok. be not crabby.