shameless loves, by lauren

things that lauren loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

1. convincing myself that nutella on toast is breakfast food.
2. going at least a month at a time between loads of laundry and then buying new underwear when i run out.  
3. ice cream for dinner.
4. always sleeping on the left side of the bed and sitting on the left side of a booth at restaurants. 
5. double featuring it at the movie theater.
6. peeling sunburns...only other peoples'.
7. reality tv marathons.  they suck me in every time.  give me 12 consecutive episodes of the kardashians and i'm a happy girl.
8. pretty under things.
9. the smell of fiberglass.  i know.  weirdest thing ever.
10. wearing fake spectables, just because i think they're cute.
11. listening to top 40 radio when i'm alone, and always changing the station when i turn off the car, so the hubs won't know my little secret and harass me endlessly.

thanks, lauren
and i'm pretty sure that nutella for breakfast is a sign that it is going to be a good day...
 a very happy no shame (january) to you!