a day of firsts

{no, not my firstborn}

today was the first day i...

1. baby-sat for a baby that wasn't my sis

2. burped a baby
juggles baby,
 takes out black berry, 
pulls up google,
types in,
"how to burp a baby"
ah! fantastic.
i am a pro.
{kidding. that didn't actually happen}

3. drove a car in new york city
baby's mum, "heyyyy molly, you don't drive do you?"
"why, yes i do!"
forgetting that i've only driven in suburbia, u.s.a.
...don't worry, mum, the parking garage was only a block away,
{no left turns needed}

4. ate at
with friend maria.
'twas good.
'cept we both agreed that
our little neighborhood hole-in-the-wall
has better sandwiches.
no 'fense, tom

5. ate a mushroom
i know, right?
i've never had one.
but they're part of tom's chicken 'wich. 
so i said what the hell, and gave it a go.
it was fine.
sorta covered by the fontina, so i probably didn't get the full effect. 
i don't think i'm mentally ready to eat a solo mushroom anyways yet.
but may i tell a weird story?
as i bit into the mushroom stricken sandwich,
mum texted me to say,
"i think you should try mushrooms this week." 

did you have any firsts today??