the cheese list.

{my favorite cheeses and how i like them}

fresh mozzarella
in the summer
by the pool
on a sandwich with tomatoes and basil
from mum's garden

smokey gouda + pepper jack
in mac&cheese

cypress hill midnight moon
by itself

swiss emmental
in fondue

on a cold winter evening
with some apples and grapes to dip

{yes! as in the beer!}
at a picnic
on the tanglewood or ravinia grounds

cheese whiz
on a triscuit
at summer camp
after lights out

epoisses berthault
on a rich buttery cracker
as an afternoon snack
{when i have a spare twenty dollars}

fried mozzarella
dipped in red sauce
at the back of a smokey jazz club


and with wine
after a benjamin britten opera
at lorin maazel's farm in virginia

port salut
to bring me wayyy back,
when a three year old me would
send mum to the store just for this cheese

{...and when i don't like cheese}

-at receptions when it's served in cubes along side crackers. 
it's always such a game to see how one really does get equal proportions of cheese and cracker. it's just so impractical! i realize cubes probably look better than slices, but, people, let's be real. i'm done fighting with my cheese.

-when it slides off of my koronet pizza after the first bite. 

-cottage cheese. BLECH.

-when my poor blocks of pecorino romano get mold :-( r.i.p.


i love cheese!!
you got any faves??