sweet home chicago

after a wonderful day of practicing, chicken and dumpling soup,
and a quiche and cake date with one of my very favorite teacher friends,

i flew home to chicago.

(and along the way completed my last paper of the semester! yay!)

things i came home to:

1. a new pair of mustard yellow flats sitting on my bed.

2. freshly baked pumpkin bread with chocolate chips.

3. homemade tomato soup with basil from our garden.

4. a fridge stocked full of mustard.

some of the highlights are...
-stonewall kitchen's basil pesto mustard
-napa vally's stone ground mustard
-sierra nevada's pale ale and honey spice mustard

5. little post-it notes all over my bathroom mirror asking
if today was going to be
a schnitzel day?
a swedish meatball day ?
and do i want to go shoe shopping?

6. a naked hannukah bush,
waiting to be ornamented on christmas eve
(does that even make sense?)

7. a huge jar of nutella

...all thanks to my super mum!!!
you'd think she's trying to get me to come more often or something :-)

today is preparation day for our annual
dumplings of the world extravaganza
read: i get to experience sweet smells of potsticker and samosa filling while i practice marimba in the living room.
and mum gets serenaded by sweet sounds of bach while she cooks up the potsticker and samosa filling in the kitchen.
{it's a symbiotic relationship}

oh and did i mention it's a balmy
negative ZILLION degrees fahrenheit outside?