shameless loves, by aurora

things that aurora loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

1. this man:

david duchovny, if you're reading this, please marry me. for those of you who have yet to know (and want to do dirty things with) this man, he is the main character on californication, possibly the best show that has ever been made; check this out...
(do you think she's ok?)

also (slight language advisory) this

and (if you're still not sold), this

2. blazers - i am currently in search of the perfect one - seriously, all cool people wear them (including everyone on californication)

3. my smoking' hot red dress from victoria's secret, though i have yet to have the right opportunity to wear it, aside from the one high school dance i wore it to (without a date)

4. salsa dancing - after having watched dirty dancing (the original) in tribute to the former patrick swayze and liking it, i want to learn now

5. the color of toenail polish that i have on. i got my toe nails painted by a friend for the first time in 6 years (see recent photo below), and, though hesitant at first, i may even ask her to paint them again the same color(purple/bronze tinted) when it wears off (don't worry, i still have yet to succumb to wearing makeup)

photo © aurora knopper

6. taking jacuzzi baths with smoothies and boys (technically this doesn't happen in November because the Jacuzzi is on the other side of the country, but i still love it)

7. cramming more people than can fit comfortable into said jacuzzi (see #6)

8. this:

(picture of friend sean at mongolian bbq in ann arbor; photo ©aurora knopper; taken w/ iphone)

9. my very large, very yellow boots:

(photo ©aurora knopper -- using iphone)

10. molly yeh, no like seriously; please have my children. (if you truly love me, you'll find a way.)

ohhhh i love you, a knopp!

thank you, miss aurora!
and a very happy no shame (december?) to you!