if santa claus and hanukah harry had a love child...

{this is what i would ask him for}

1. a camera...

as my baby canon that i've had forever just died :-(

2. this marc by marc jacobs beauty.
i mean, duh, it's mustard yellow.

3. tickets to the ring at bayreuth
"...in the majority of cases we shall be able to deal with first-time applicants only after a period of several years"
-the baruther festpielehaus on applying for tickets

4. an old fashioned record player + some old french records,
a la jenny from an education
{and a fire place in my apartment to sit by and listen...}

5. a life long membership to murray's cheese of the month club

{...and also... stocking stuffers rock my WORLD}

matte nail polish
a leather {lined} journal


...and a roger cline volume adjustable ratchet
{don't even ask}

that's all, schmanta clausenstein.