24 hours in jacksonville

after my thanksgiving in tampa,
i headed up to jacksonville
to visit one of my very best friends,

{a.k.a. z }

we had exactly 24 hours from the time he picked me up in tampa
until my flight back to new york.
here is what we did...

17:00 pound red bulls
{for we shall be awake for all 24 hours}

18:00 on the road...

19:00 interview z
for the upcoming post,
"the zinterview"

20:00 first stop in jacksonville, whole foods
for some mac and cheese supplies

the finalists:

port salut
pepper jack
jasper hill clothbound cheddar
midnight moon
grés des vosges

21:00 begin mac and cheese production.
mac and cheeze with aziz has been somewhat of a tradition
ever since i was in high school,
ever since we realized how well "cheese"
rhymes with "aziz"

22:00 mac, you are dunzo
yes, that is applewood smoked bacon
no, you are not kosher

bachelor + first house = no furniture =

23:00 seconds on the mac, please.
add count basie as needed

00:00 midnight xylophone

1:00 attempts at staying awake for all 24 hours fail miserably.

11:00 brunch at brick

12:00 still at brick...

13:00 still at brick...

as the conversation has unfortunately been plagued by political discussion.
me + politics = bad.
me + z + politics = run for your life.

14:00 z shows me his new work place!
{jacksonville symphony's concert hall!}

right on the water!

15:00 i get a tambourine lesson

16:00 snackees at the airport
(does anyone else like airport food?)

17:00 bye bye, z! bye bye, florida!
{hello, holiday season...}