things i love (the no shame november edition)

i love coming across lists of things people love...
{like this one from sprinkles
and this one from miss madeline elle
and this one about autumn from red boots
and this one from teacups!}

so i have decided to make a list of things that i love!
except... let me remind you all that it is in fact no shame november

so with that said, i will now shamelessly make a list of:

things that i love
{but really probably shouldn't}

1. juicy couture velour track suits.
i'm a college student.
and i know they should have all been out of my closet
by the time i was 14.
but they're pretty colored and comfy.
so. whatever.

2. britney spears, madonna, nsync, backstreet boys, the like...

mostly lance bass

3. nacho cheese,
fried cheese,
american cheese,
velveeta cheese,
spray can cheese.

4. new york city construction workers that tell you you're pretty and you smell good

5. airplane food

7. saying the f word really loudly at the most (in)appropriate times

8. the greenpeace people that harass people on the streets.
they make good walking buddies when you lead them to believe that you may just have an extra fifteen bucks a month to spare

9. calculus

10. gossip girl

11. going to baseball games just to eat the hot dogs.

and by the way, go yankees :-)

so there it is.
do you have things you love that you're way too embarrassed to admit?
november's the time to do it.
{and if you make a list and email it to me (and if it's shameless enough) i may just post it!}