shameless loves, by melissa

things that melissa loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

1. costume jewelry - i love, love, love costume jewelry and spend way too much money on it. you can have all your gold and silver... i'll take giant plastic baubles for $3 from flea markets and teen clothing chains. i'm especially obsessed with rings and earrings. the bigger, the better.

2. chick flicks - i love thought-provoking indie dramas, but i'd choose a light and fluffy romantic comedy over them any day. the cuter the story, and the hotter the male lead, the better. my favorites are serendipity, someone like you and something new. simon baker, hugh jackman, and john cusack? yes, yes and yes.

3. brownies - all chocolate will do, but brownies take the cake. i could live on them. i won't, but i could.

4. reality tv - i'm shamelessly addicted. i don't care what anyone thinks about my beloved real world, bachelor, So you think you can dance, tough love, survivor, amazing race, etc. they're awesome and entertaining. i even watched all of farmer wants a wife and amish in the city... and loved them both.

5. celebrity gossip - whether i'm spending the day checking perez hilton, or spending way too much money on a subscription to US weekly, i have a sick fascination with who's doing what, where and with whom. i especially love the who wore it better features.

6. cher - she's totally my idol! who else can say they've had a #1 hit single in every decade since the 60s? shes fabulous and amazing, and i've used the over 100-songs of hers i have on my zune as a soundtrack to my life.

7. midtown manhattan - i know, i know. downtown's the place to be. it's where all the bars and clubs are, and where the cool kid's hang out. well i don't care. i love the hustle and bustle of midtown. times square's usually a crowded mess, but what's more exciting than being in the middle of that huge avenue with bright lights and tons of people surrounding you? rockefeller center's my second home. you can keep your bars and clubs, cool kids; i'd take broadway any day.

8. vampires - oh vampires, how i love you so. true blood's the best. it's risque, exciting and gritty. the books are great too. i also love the vampire diaries on the cw. it's scarier than i'd expected, and the ian somerhalder/paul wesley team is only the hottest thing on tv. twilight I'm not thrilled with - the book's were horribly written and the acting in the movies is atrocious. there's something that still draws me into the story though... the simplicity of the relationship between bella and edward reminds me of my views of love at 12.

9. department stores - there's something magical about department stores to me. they're just too big, festive and climate-controlled. i love wandering around, taking the escalators to different floors and taking it all in. i especially love the bedding section where you can try out all the beds and imagine how you'd decorate your dream bedroom. loves it. especially around the holidays.

10. disney - i adore all things disney! i'd rather watch aladdin and the little mermaid than any adult movie out there. i've been to disney world 6-times and would go every summer if i could. disney on ice? i'm bringing my cousin early next year. and i'm guilty of going up to the world of disney on 5th ave just to take pictures with the characters more than once.

chick flicks? i'm adding that one to my list :-)

thank you, miss melissa!
and a very happy no shame november to you!



p.s. just because november is almost over doesn't mean we can't still be shameless!!
i have a few more lists to post...
and if you still would like to email me yours,
i will shamelessly post it in december :-)