shameless loves, by madeline

things that madeline loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

1. granny panties- i'm just not a thong style girl anymore and frankly fancy undies are too expensive and get eaten by my dryer. (not the high-waisted kind, however, i'm not that embarrassing...yet)

2. the movie how to deal with mandy moore.

3. mandy moore in general. i love her. i don't know why!

4. my boyfriend's old, light heather grey air force issue sweatpants. i could wear them all winter long, even though the poor things are beat to death.

5. old oriental rugs. i'm such an old bag lady.

6. watching talks by economists on

7. being barefoot all the time, especially outdoors/at school/at work.

8. pizza. i love pizza so much i could eat it every day. every. single. day.

9. watching the wedding singer & crying at the end every time.

10. singing paramore songs extremely loudly in my car on the way to school.

11. big macs. i only allow myself one a year...& i'm counting down the days 'til 2010.

12. spooning with my dog.

13. my huge infatuation with it's always sunny in philadelphia. i tell at least one person a day how much i love that show.

14. my huge crush on mac (rob mcelhenney) from said show. =X

15. that we are planning to frame the rockband box and hang it up in our next house. we're nerds!

thank you, madeline!!