shameless loves, by ema

things that ema loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

1. shopping. addict. i mean, really. i don't even have to spend money, i just like looking and trying on (but the chance to spend money is always nice too).

2. staples. yes. the office supply store. i could spend hours roaming the isles.

3. blogging. seriously, another thing i could spend HOURS doing.

4. tanning. oh-so-bad for my skin... but there is just something so luxurious about roasting/basking in the warmth of the tanning bed.

5. flirting with my table full of men with the sole purpose/goal of getting a bangin' tip. would this be considered selling myself??

6. DOVE DARK CHOCOLATE BARS, coffee (i drink sooooo much of this poison) and ummm... sweet tea. Not the sweet tea that you sweeten with splenda, the kind of sweet tea where you brew gallons upon gallons and dump pounds upon pounds of sugar into and top it off with a lemon on the side. delish.

7. ice cream. i once (in college) ate nothing but ice cream. and actually lost weight.

8. homemade popcorn.

STAPLES! luvs it.

thank you, miss ema!
and a very happy no shame november to you!