shameless loves, by aziz

things that aziz loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

1.fruit - ESPECIALLY berries, but really any fruit. i would eat fruit, at any time, no matter what other food is available - even over chocolate, even over BEER...totally not ashamed...

2. reading the news - all day - everyday - every source i can find - i can't stop - i don't want to stop - also not ashamed...

3. boston percussion speak
a. boston "up" talk
b. saying things are "out"
c. ..."there it is..."
d. "it's fine!"
e. "gape"
f. "i meeeeeaaaaan"
g. big leagues
etc etc etc

4. trivia. like, did you know that the first country to recognize the US diplomatically was croatia?

5. great advertising- especially man themed commercials- current best: old spice.

6. justin......timberlake - duh. also dwayne "the rock" johnson. they are always the best part of whatever they are in...think about it...anyone get that?

7. defacing recital posters and fliers left on the nec percussion department one can hang with nec percussion defacings - one time, a temple percussionist sent his recital poster to us, just so we could deface it and send it back...that's how we roll.

8. the rain

9. tim and eric awesome show, great job. even though it makes me want to jump off a bridge.

10. ms. molly yeh's mac-n-cheese. you will never have better.

11. brunettes - cause they look better. there it is.

12. dan bauch, he's just turbo charged.

13. "single ladies" music video...and i'mma let you finish, but - beyoncé had one of the best videos of ALL TIME...

14. bus trips to nyc...

what up, number 10 :-)

thank you, mister aziz!
and a very happy no shame november to you!