it was a two mustard day.

for lunch i had turkey on challah (holla!) with
(total emphasis on the smooth)

and then at fairway i couldn't decide between
and i bought both...

the honeycup mustard is fantastic! it has a consistency that's more like a jelly.
and you taste it and you're like,
"oh just another honey mustard..."
and then when you least expect it,
there is a surprise BITE!

hehe. loves it. yay!


friend craig and i saw
last night

it was so beautiful.
there were so many shocking little details in the simplest of scenes
that made me completely awe struck at some points.
and the images of paris were breath taking.
the ending was interestingly mediocre...
but it didn't really matter. (if that even makes sense?)
i highly recommend it.

"if we never did anything,
we wouldn't be anybody"
-jenni from an education