happy november!!

it's no shave,
no shame

and today i rang it in the right way
(the no shame part. the no shave part only applies to guys).

first, i subway-ed up to my columbia class, just in time to figure out that all classes are cancelled for fall break.
i stood in my empty class room for quite some time figuring out what do to with my newly acquired free hour and a quarter.
my decision was: i will use up the roll of film in my new plastic camera on columbia's pretty campus!
so that is what i did.
...and then i realized that the lens cap was on the whole entire time.

(i wonder what people were thinking when they saw me. but guess what? it's no shame november, so who cares?)

to further my shamelessness,
i plan on stocking up on half price halloween candy at the duane reade. and eating it all.

and speaking of halloween,
i will get pictures of my SWEET costume up once i find a place that still develops film in this city.

oh and i'm so excited...

sarah shu weekend is nearing!