happy birthday, sister!!

older sister
turned 24 today

that's her on the right.

24 things about stoop

1. she is three and a half years older than me
2. her real name is jenna
3. she is a fantastical chef!
4. she is famous for her guacamole
5. she used to play the french horn
6. she likes to steal my clothes
7. we used to ice skate together A LOT
8. she is in love with the back to the future trilogy
9. her hair once consisted of one. huge. dreadlock.
10. she, and she alone brought into style the term, "hella ill."
11. she had to finish her physics final in high school after she graduated
12. she went to mcgill for a few years before dropping out to go to kendall culinary school
13. she used to make magic potions when she was a wee little girl
14. she read all of the baby sitters club books
15. she was on the debate team
16. and the track team (but only for like three days)
17. her and i used to pool our allowance every month to buy michael stars shirts
18. we once had a four hour layover in japan on the way home from korea and the way she decided we'd spend it would be to drink as much sapporo beer as we could
19. on said trip to korea, she named the shoe mat near the elevator, "the waiting vestibule"
20. she's totally weird.
21. in a good way
22. she once had a hilarious blog.
23. she was once a vegan. but now loves meat more than anything.
24. SHE'S 24 TODAY!





{oh yeah. she calls me stoopie. and i call her stoopie. don't even ask.}