{and my first (embarrassing) stab at plastic camera usage}

my costume:

this photo was taken by friend jess, as none of the pictures of my costume came out from my camera :-(

i was a mahler box*

*a mahler box is essentially a large wooden box that is struck with a massive hammer in gustav mahler's 6th symphony.
a pretty accurate demonstration can be seen here.
a brutally nauseating and offensive demonstration can be seen here.
and just for kicks, the guy playing the hammer here has a pretty tight ponytail.

i drew my inspiration from juilliard's mahler box, which is about five feet tall and nine feet wide. boo ya.

andrew, me, andrew, and i think that's roomie in the back. i'm too embarrassed to say what their costumes were.

brian the ninja, striking the mahler box.

sammy and alex... mario and luigi?

me and the lead singer of zoogmadon

zoogmadon's drummer. aka friend kyle.

i hope your halloweens were as fun as mine!!