gobble gobble

thanksgiving in tampa

i'm thankful for palm trees
the sun

i'm thankful that cousins have me over to their beautiful house

i'm thankful that i'm somehow related to a balloon artist

...and i'm even more thankful that he made this
hella sweet cupcake balloon hat

i'm thankful for
sister stoopie + mum

"two stoops eating soup"

it was one big cooking party...

is there really anything better than cooking with your family all day??

yes, silly.
{it's drinking with your family all day...}

sister stoop + man

time to work up an appetite...

i'm thankful for these adorable place settings made by little cousins!

carving the tryptophan...

i'm thankful for this!!!!

good thing i wore my eating pants

this year's strategy for a successful pig-out
{inspired by the gobbler at the milburn deli}

1. slice open a sister schubert's roll
hailing from the south,
these rolls pack so much buttery goodness into one tiny morsel.
if you've never had one, get them now (they're available online).
i could eat six pans in one sitting.
2. spread on a dollop of cranberry sauce
3. slap on a slice of turkey, preferably covered in gravy
4. shovel on some stuffing
5. close, and eat like a sandwich
6. repeat
7. repeat
8. repeat
(etc etc)

i am sooooo thankful for my family!!!

i am also thankful that little cousin mia is the future leila josefowicz...

and most of all,
i am thankful for sharpie marker


time to hit the gym...