a few of my favorite new york places...

{for a certain miss ema that will be making her way to the island in a few days...}

for chrismikah present shopping...

the best little girlie chochkies
from new designers
...and the gift wrapping is the best part!

for some late night greasy food...

the BEST belgian fries and a zillion sauces.
and they're served in a cone!
also open way past my bed time.

performance venue

sometimes there are bizzaro things going on in this joint.
but other times there are awesome things like my friends' bands!


half dance club, half concert venue
full bar
their concerts are wayyy to hip for me. but i try anyways :-)

thrift store

in brooklyn!
it's HUGE and simply too good to be true.

tea time

(dear ema,
i am actually ordering you to go here.
you will not regret it.)
their pumpkin scones = heaven!


(duh.. who doesn't have an inner carrie bradshaw?)


they have a green tea and a chocolate soufflé cupcake!

shopping areas

bleecker street
1 train to christopher street
(marc jacobs, BABY marc jacobs, mulberry, magnolia, intermix, olive and bettes, jack spade, cynthia rowley)

b or d train to broadway-lafayette

L train to bedford
cute little antique and thrift shops
and shops where you can get things that you will NOT find anywhere else!
(and no, ema, not williamsburg, virginia :-)


in brooklyn.
just allow yourself for about a two hour wait, no joke!
and worth it.
delicious sicilian!

dumont burger in williamsburg
5napkin burger (my favorite of the faves!)

burger joint at le parker meridien
landmarc at the time warner center in columbus circle

more food and drinksies

a whole restaurant devoted just to mac and cheese?
yes please.

home to one of the best meals of my life!
if you're into wienerschnitzel :-)

cheap, authentic japanese food.
you crouch on little stools while they play japanese songs from the 30s.

a total establishment.
they didn't allow women in until recently.
and there's saw dust on the ground for easier cleaning of puke and blood.
just two kinds of beer- light and dark,
and crackers + the spiciest mustard you've ever had in your life.

this place is huge and half of it is outdoors.
i sometimes feel hipped out by the native downtowners...
but it's fun anyways :-)

...and you can always just go on a dumpling tour


i've never actually been here,
but it's a park built on an old elevated train rail.
i hear it is super awesome fawesome.


i mean, of course there's always lady libs.
what up, miss thang?

and when your feet are killing you from all that running around...

pedis + drinks.
'nuff said.

have so much fun, ema!!