adventures in williamsburg!

high school bestie sarah was in town from indiana this weekend...

...and we were craving an adventure

so we packed up the plastic,
hopped on the L train,
and got off at bedford

our first stop was lux eye where i found ^these^ glasses
(fyi, since the great eye glasses catastrophe of august 2009, i have been totally blind!)
it's on bedford and north 8th i believe
it's so new, it doesn't even have a website yet!
their glasses are so fun and the prices are so good, it is just too good to be true!

next up was beacon's closet
on n. 11th between berry and wythe
it's a huuuuge fantastic thrift store!
i found a kickass red leather jacket with puffy shoulders
(totally 80s rawk star like)
for twenty moneys!

we also visited some of the smaller boutiques along bedford...

is a cute homey little antique shop with lots of old cameras and pictures and type writers...
i found a big vintage key to put on a chain and wear on my neck
(who needed a tiffany's key anyways?)

& and hilarious jewelry (like the mustache necklaces below...)
and cute cards.
and other fun chochkies.

i luv catbird and now i know where i'm holiday shopping...

of course all of this exploring made us hungry...
so upon recommendation from a native williamsburger,
we went to

sarah and i split a burger and their mac and cheese.
the burger was pretty darn good.
definitely up to par with 5 napkin
maybe not as good as landmarc
better than burger joint.

the mac and cheese was some of the best i've had (and that's a lot!)
they use gruyere and cheddar
and radiatore pasta- which i've never seen used in mac before.
it worked almost better than shells because there was more surface area in each noodle and thus more room for an even cheesey coating, as opposed to shells with their little pools of cheese in the middle.
also the bread crumbs were perfectly crispy.
and herr waiter didn't look at me weirdly when i asked for hot sauce and ketchup for it.

our final stop was barcade
which, to be honest, i think it is a little overrated.
there is only so much fun you can have losing at tetris over and over and over.

but the point is,

williamsburg rocks!



p.s. i noticed all of the girls in williamsburg putting little wings on their eyes with liquid eye liner. i'm into it. i think?