wanted: the perfect date

{for where the wild things are}

i felt a little sluggish in my practice yesterday
so friend craig and i took a pumpkin spice latte break
after which i became more.wired.than.i've.ever.been.in.my.life.

i remember putting on a max crown and dancing around

friend craig, our max crowns, the latte that did me in.

when i sobered up
i somehow had two tickets to the midnight showing of where the wild things are for next thursday night.

that gives me one week to find the perfect date.

criteria for the perfect date for where the wild things are:

does not have to be male (it's not that kind of date)
does not have to be human
must wear something that is pertinent to the movie (this includes the max crown)

also maybe this shirt?

must not steal my sno-caps during the course of the show (must be eating something hilarious of their own)
must enjoy the movie going experience as much as i
must enhance the movie going experience
should probably already own the soundtrack

who will it be??