wallsé, holy s***

{mum's visit continued}

ladies and gentlemen,
i'd like you all to recall my schnitzel rant.
(ok, i know it wasn't a rant. it was more or less a praise for the famed and illustrious schnitzel truck... but let's all agree that you'd be slightly sour too if one of your all time fave foods had to come out of a truck that you could only chase down via twitter.)

well, mum really overdid herself this time on the schnitzel radar.
she surprised me with a little restaurant in the west village by the name of wallsé.
now, to be honest, until this weekend, i really had not had a meal that quite compared to that one drop dead delicious feast at enoteca vespaio in austin years back.
but (to reiterate the title of this post)

wallsé, holy shit.

kurt gutenbrunner is the chef,
and wallsé is the name of his hometown in austria.
so, being austrian, he's naturally going to know a good schnitzel.

...but a fantastically mouth-gasmic,
size of your head,
crisped to perfection (with little folds of extra fried crispy-ness),
out of this world wienerschnitzel?

this man is not just a native austrian,
he's a fucking super hero.

it was almost shocking how good this meal was.

...so this schnitzel, it had a few friends:

lemons (extra lemons, of course)
spätzle with quark cheese (hold the rabbit bits for me, please)
potato and cucumber salad (never have i ever before liked potater salad, but this was delicious)


an elderberry gimlet
the bartender in this joint also happens to be a super hero of sorts
however at one point during the evening i had an error in judgement and ordered a pepper vodka drink with tomato something. (i guess i was intrigued by the pepper vodka?)
it made me want to puke my brains out.
but good thing herr waiter was nice and instead brought me some light riesling.

...all of schnitzel's friends worked so well together! the sweetness of the lingonberries + the sour lemons + the crispy hot schnitzel and the cool refreshing potaters... and i mean, the spätzle, ohhhh the spätzle.
it was like mac and cheese's stylish high society older sister.

we couldn't believe how fast we ate.
it was like a kuhn's date on steroids.

and might i also mention that the decor and ambiance were perfect as well. so relaxing! and our corner table was perfect for people watching and.. chilling...

oh.. and... ummm...

we somehow had room for dessert.

dessert was a homemade mozart kugeln on a light crispy carmel-y (?) cookie
with pistachios and gold to top it off.
i think that speaks for itself, no?

oy vay, i can't think of enough nice things to say about this place!

i'm most definitely coming back here:
a) every time that mum visits, and
b) whenever i want

i love you, wallsé.