nico, the "c" word, and religion

did anyone read the latest from nico

if you need convincing, here's a direct quote:

"Ooh, there is a really bad review of my concert last night in the Guardian. I have never seen “flavour of the month” spelled in that way and am secretly thrilled to be dismissed in such a fashioun.

There’s a slightly bitchier one here, from the Telegraph, which said of my piece, “the result was slow, painful death.” What’s so genius about cunty English reviews is that all they do is provide you with awesome pull-quotes like the one above."

i about died (and almost missed an entrance in show tonight) when i read the line about "fashioun."

and how many people can pull off using the word "cunty" in such an eloquent fashioun? 

i furthermore respect this sort of reaction to a bad review.

friend kyle is always telling me not to give a poop what people think of you. rather he thinks you should just be an awesome person and believe that you are awesome (easy for him to say). but that's tough in this world. in this school. no more judgey people, k? simply because i don't have the balls to go on dropping the "c" word when i get bad review. 

in addition

i heard from one of my super fave high school teachers yesterday. he taught world religions when i was in tenth grade. it was the coolest class. simply because half the time mr. teacher encouraged us to hash it out with each other about god.

in my class there was a muslim gal, a jewish guy, a super SUPER orthodox christian sista, and the religiously confused girl with the christian father and jewish mother who never had her bat mitzvahed because she was too busy with soccer practice (that was me). 

my memories of the class were this: trying to use math and logic to figure out the world, challenging the orthodox sista, her getting slightly (ok.. really)  pissed off, being accused of having a crush on schlomo, and at some point waking up at 5am to attend the church of latter day saints for a research project. i also learned a ton about buddhism (i wonder why), read the tao of pooh (read it if you haven't), and found a generally large interest in the subjects of religion, god(s), why people believe what they believe, and the cultures affiliated with religions. 

i've yet to take a class as exciting as that one.

i wish i could recall more specific and better memories, and somehow find a way to write about them in a way that wouldn't offend like, everyone on the face of this planet...

until then

shabbat shalom.

(p.s. spell check's alternative suggestion for the word "shabbat" is "sherbet." what the hell is this world coming to?)

i love you all dearly.