the new york city dumpling festival

{can you think of a better idea for a festival? i can't.}

drats, i missed the dumpling eating competition!

unfortunately, by the time i got there, the gnocchi, the idli, the tamales, the kuih koci, and the pierogis were all gone!

so i devoured some bao...

sans soy sauce? i don't recommend.

...and i sampled a filipino dish called a palitaw

it's a gooey rice cake covered in coconut, and then topped with brown sugar and sesame seeds.
not too sweet! very delicious...

... and then i was still hungry
(naturally, anyone would starve themselves all day in preparation for a festival like this...)

so i continued on my own little dumpling tour of the lower east side.

i FINALLY got to yonah schimmel's
and tried a jalepeno knish.

it was... ok...

i'm just into a lot of crust in my knishes, and this one sort of whimped out.

is it total faux pas to prefer zabar to yonah?

for a sweet ending to my dumpling filled day, i headed up to the dumpling man on st. marks street for

pumpkin dumplings!

soooo doughy and delicious.

and the sauce they pour over them is so sweet!
(and sticky... i know because half of it somehow ended up dripping down my left arm)

oh dumplings, how i love you so!