mum's visit: pizza night at veloce

mum arrived in the city with just enough time to sample some cheese at dean and deluca before our dinner reservations...

we tasted an appenzeller swiss and a cave aged gruyere.
(both were tasty, but neither compare to the goat gouda that i bought today at the fairway...)
i'm still amused that a gruyere is sitting in a cave somewhere, just aging. chillen. and aging.

...and then of course we raided the mustard section
and decided upon a chili dijon and a mesquite/stout ale mustard.

after soho...
it was off to veloce pizzeria in the east village
...which is apparently a favorite of frank bruni

and now a favorite of mum and me!

all of their pizza is sicilian (which, to be honest, i was a little bit nervous about).
it was totally delicious though! the crust was so buttery!

we got our old fallback, margherita...

i'm into this place. worth a trip way downtown.