mum is visiting! mum is visiting!

t minus two days!!! yay yipee yay yipee!!

now, im pretty sure the only things that could top mum's last visit are near impossible. ideas being:

a)  somehow tracking down every single food truck that has ever won a vendy award. 
b) somehow scoring front row tickets to billy elliot.
c) somehow acquiring a three day unlimited pass to the new york food and wine festival.
d) somehow developing the metabolism equivalent to a 13 year old boy so that we can go on a cupcake tour of all five boroughs. (actually maybe not the bronx, no offense.)

however, i think seeing cloudy with a chance of meatballs, attending a super exclusive party at bendel's (you're jealous), and eating brunch at balthazar will come close. 

ok things to do before mum gets in (roomie, take note):

hide the weed. (kidding).
get rid of all of the peanut butter! 
wash everything that has touched peanut butter within the last 48 hours.
clean the toilet. (like i said, roomie, take note).
erase all of the profanities from chalkboard wall.