if you're feeling pooey and want to go on a blog hiatus...

{this is what you should do instead}

shoot up with some vitamins b12
practice the vibraphone until your hands bleed
listen to sigur rós
eat at the place (have their sweet potater ravioli)

try a scallop!!

75 1/2 bedford street

stroll around the village, peruse the beautiful houses...
like the ones with red doors
and the ones with addresses that are not whole numbers.

eat cake and stuff.


i told you hiatus would only last a day.



post script:

my apologies for being too excited about the red velvet cake ice cream to actually..talk about it...

so... two boots:

go there.
despite the fact that the sista and the brotha behind the counter needed a happy pill,
or a better job,
or something real to be sad about
(working at an ice cream and pizza shop doesn't count).
i mean, seriously, you should have seen the horrified looks on their faces when i walked in and said,


excuse me for being happy to be there.
*flips hair*

josh and i ate pizzas. i had a slice of the mel cooley and the mr pink
(i think? what's with the names?)
they were pretty darn tasty. the crust was spectacular, despite the fact that sista burnt mr pink.

of course the whole time i was looking forward to the ice cream though.

it was pink-ish, with little pieces of white cake, no frosting.
it was so good.
i mean, sometimes i wonder if i would be able to tell red velvet cake in a blind taste test if it didn't have the cream cheese frosting. but, i don't know what it was, this ice cream actually hit it on the nose. maybe there's cream cheese in the ice cream? ooooh weeeeeird.