at least...

the at least list...
{the happy list's cynical younger sibling}

1. at least i woke up at 7:45 and not 6:45
2. at least i got four hours of sleep and not three hours  of sleep
3. at least it's all for the good cause of teaching little kiddies
4. at least i have a shiny new starbucks card with which i will purchase a pumpkin spice latte on the way to school.
5. at least i can sleep in tomorrow
6. at least i have tap class today
7. at least i got a sweet care packeege from mum yesterday that had a lot of cool nail polish
8. at least i might have time to actually paint my nails sometime, late november
9. at least halloween is coming up and at least i have a SWEET costume planned out
10. at least six people might actually understand my costume

in other words, it is way to early for me to be up on a weekend.

woe. IS ME!


oh i luv you all