mum and i do this thing where we tend to eat a TON of wiener schnitzel. and by wiener schnitzel, i mean chicken schnitzel (we like to think we're being healthy-ish this way  (but let's get real, it's fried meat)).  it's this total obsession that we have. 

i'll fly home and mum will be like, "aww you must have had a long day of traveling, you need a schnitzel." 

or something terrible will happen like ikea ran out of all their swedish meatballs, and mum will be like, "hmmm.. only a schnitzel can cure this." 

or something happy will happen like we found the perfect shoes and the only appropriate celebration will be schnitzel. 

there's simply nothing better than a schnitzel.

our fave place in chicago is kuhn's

i mean, imagine my surprise when i moved to new york and a good schnitzel on the upper west side was nowhere to be found.

but guess what? I FOUND IT (with the help of mum's savvy tweeting skillz). 

the schnitzel and things truck, based in brooklyn, just happened to be on its little way up the island at the same time that i was leaving school today. so, i mean, naturally, i had to try it (can we please ignore the fact that i piggied out on tortas and horchatas last night?)

it parked right in front of gray's papaya. my nose was confused. 

i bounced up to the truck and started to tell the brotha workin it all about how excited i was to finally have a schnitzel and how i've been waiting for it to drive up here for months and how my mom who tweets.. blah blah blah, and when i realized he didn't give a shit, i ordered my chicken schnitzel sandwich. with pesto mayo and ginger/scallion/garlic relish. oh. and yukon gold fries. oopsies. 

it was so good. 

it was a different experience from the sit down with mum, which always involves spaetzle and paprika sauce.

but it was fried just right, the bread was fresh and delicious, and the sauces were amazing. perfect texture, perfect seasoning, perfect everything. oy vey. and the fries? oh snap. pommes frites, you've got competition. 

needless to say, i am satisfied.

go schnitzel truck!!! 

oh if only writing my paper tonight could be as easy as writing an essay on schnitzel.