life is beautiful. seriously beautiful.

after a lonnnnnng day which included:
-tour guide training
-searching for my phone
-failing at finding my phone
-purchasing a new phone
-practicing on broken, poopy sounding crotales
-schlepping up town with percussion things because my subway stop is out of service

i finally returned back to apartment...
 where the distress only heightened because of my poorly stocked fridge (go figure...) 
and high level of hunger (i had bigger things to worry about this morning than packing a lunch).

so for about five minutes, i ran around my apartment 
being stressed, 
looking at all of the dishes in the sink, 
plugging in new phone to charge, 
drawing a diagram on the bathroom chalkboard detailing to roomie how exactly one changes a roll of toilet paper,
 etc etc...


there was knock-ity knock at my door...

i opened the door and it was neighboor corey...

at which point he uttered a few of the most beautiful words in the english language:

"do you want some matzoh ball soup?"

i was shocked. 
completely shocked at how perfect the world was at that very moment.
at how perfect the timing was.
at how perfect of a remedy for my not-so-perfect weekend this was.
and of course at how perfect corey's gramma's matzoh ball making skillz are.

neighbor corey, i love you.


and then when i returned to my apartment and opened the fridge, there was a box from magnolia in it. 
(don't tell roomie, but i stole a few bites of the enclosed carrot cake.)

it's like the world was just SPEWING up happiness into my face.


i love you all so much.