life adventures fund

i had a beautiful day off in miami last week...

it involved waking up at noon, going to the beach, wearing my floppy sun hat, lying in the sun, listening to les noces, and daydreaming about the future. 

the future is one of the best things in the world because everything can be as perfect as you want it to be!!

on this particular day, the future involved a lot of adventures. i like adventures...a lot a lot. 
i dreamt up all of the ultimate adventures i could take in my life and wondered how and when i would actually get to take them. so i thought of an idea: 

the molly life adventures fund
(referred to hereafter as the LAF)

the details of how i add to the fund have yet to be determined, but as i'm making a little bit of a salary this year, i gather i can add bits and pieces to my fund and over time have enough to make some pretty strong adventuring happen. (mum wants my savings to go to a down payment on a house for when i grow up. but what good is settling down in a house if you haven't done enough cool things to merit settling down yet? i guess we can negotiate a happy medium, mum). 

adventures that i will take using the LAF:

a dumpling tour of the world
samosas in india
potstickers in china
gnocchi in italy
pierogies in poland
knödeln in germany

yoga in india

cooking classes in italy

learning things about my roots in china and hungary

carnivale in brazil 

something in paris... i don't know what yet. maybe just finding the best croissant? 

those are the adventures that i've dreamed up so far... i'll add more as they come...