labor day weekend fun things...

i survived the first darryl's workout class of the semester... but i am still sore!


friends sam, dave, kyle, and alex and i took the choochoo to the millburn delicatessen  in new jersey for a sandwich. because the gobbler is just that worth it...


it's better than loeb's...

and it's even maybe (i'm afraid to say) better than zingerman's...

{the gobbler}

soft rye bread
cranberry sauce
freshly carved turkey

aren't my friends handsome???

while i was waiting for my gobbler, i sampled the mac and cheese griller! i love mac and cheese and i love sandwiches! but who woulda thunk to put the two together?? the result included russian dressing and bacon and was actually rather delicious. 
(i think it's what the parmageddon at melt should have tasted like.) 

{other highlights from my weekend}

eating koronet pizza (times 2! oops!)
playing bocce ball and eating yummy bbq at luke and annika's party in their new adorable house
seeing a bunch of old friends, meeting a bunch of new ones
watching a bocce ball game at the park with friend craig
sleeping in until noon and having hilariously awesome dreams
finally finishing apartment painting!

happy labor day everybody!