la sandwicherie

friend doug and i discovered a sandwich place that deserves a stop on anyone's sandwich tour. it's a little counter on 14th between collins and washington in miami beach, called

the french dudes who work there serve up an impressive selection of cheese, and some amazingly fresh croissants. they also put little pickles and peppers on the sandwiches. no mustard, but (i know it's weird i'm saying this), they actually didn't need mustard. (i mean, nothing needs mustard, but these sandwiches held their own sans the seeds). 

upon recommendation from the sandwich-man himself, dougie and i ordered




and the brotha did not hold off on piling on the cheese.... mmmmmmmmm

i think i know a thing or two about sandwiches (posts on sandwich tour '09 to come...). and i think i'd have to say that this is definitely among the top five in the country. 

...yes, up there with zingerman's and milburn.

the tastes were really well rounded... all of the veggies went really well together, and the creamy texture of the cheese made for a lot of richness. and the croissants were just perfect. 

the only downside? i don't think any amount of running on the beach would make me feel better about eating this beast.

but.. wait.... WHO CARES?

go. try. sandwicherie.