hello, miami!

dejavu? (i was just here!)

i'm subbing with the new world symphony this week :-)


John Adams The Chairman Dances
Edward Elgar In the South
Adam Schoenberg Finding Rothko
Benjamin Britten Young Persons' Guide to the Orchestra

i'm playing castanets and some other things on the britten
and drumset (what the...?) on the adams.
if you've never heard the chairman dances i highly advise you to do so.

the scenario of the piece:

"chiang ch'ing, a.k.a. madame mao, has gatecrashed the presidential banquet. she is first seen standing where she is most in the way of the waiters. after a few minutes, she brings out a box of paper lanterns and hangs them around the hall, then strips down to a cheongsam, skin-tight from neck to ankle and slit up to the hip. she signals the orchestra to play and begins dancing by herself. mao is becoming excited. he steps down from his portrait on the wall and they begin to foxtrot together. they are back in yenan, dancing to the gramophone..."
peter sellars and alice goodman

wouldn't it be so fun to be in that colorful room?

the piece is so dreamy and colorful and exciting. it makes me want to dance and get all groovy and stuff. i could listen to it all day long and bob my head every second of the way.
although i don't know what genius put me on the drumset part (i mean, i do know what genius that was, and i luv him, but come on.)
i literally had a stressful time packing because i have to wear pants all week behind the kit and not my miami-appropriate sun dresses!
(bitch bitch bitch.. life is so tough...i'll shut up now)

in an effort to be economical, i went to the publix and bought sandwich making materials so that i could pack lunches all week (it seems to be the general trend at restaurants in miami to attract customers by the booby size of the hostess rather than quality of the food... so i don't really feel guilty by not indulging in miami beach cuisine). publix, for what it is, actually has a decent mustard selection.
i was for some reason getting into the commercial/artificial food vibe of the publix
(i had ritz crackers and kraft cheese in my cart) and actually almost purchased hellman's honey mustard.
but alas even i probably couldn't have finished the economy sized tube.
so i got a cute little sweet hot inglehoffer with honey.

okee. wish me luck this week everybody!