goodbye summer, hello fall!

dear summer of 2009,

you've been very good to me. i'll miss you dearly.



{new, hilarious, and fun things i did this summer}

went on a sandwich tour (the rob and molly sandwich tour of the eastern united states)
took my first stab at karaoke
tried surfing 
received my first solo bow under maestro maazel at the castleton festival
tried sushi for the first time, and liked it
tried NIA
danced with paul hamm
walked from old apartment at 106 down to the tip of manhattan
took my first orchestra audition
got bangs
waited a zillion hours for di fara pizza
met a zonkey
spent time in d.c., virginia, tanglewood, maryland, san diego, la jolla, michigan, chicago, miami, new york (duh)

...started this blog...

bye bye, summer!

goodbye, gelato
goodbye, O.C. mixes 
goodbye, sundays in the park

hello fall....

pumpkin things!
frye boots!
sufjan stevens!
halloween (been planning my costume since the winter...)
the met!
pretty leaves!!!!