bye, pig

i accidentally became a vegetarian for the week.

it all happened when i had to do an emergency grocery shopping trip and went to the westside market (i know, it's no whole foods, and it certainly ain't no fairway market... but it does the trick and is on the way home from columbia).

i started at the front in the produce section and loaded up on all sorts of goodies! (including pomegranates!)

...and then i found some tabouli salad that looked nasty good

and some hummus, nuts, etc, etc....

by the time i made it to the meat section, i realized that i had a full basket, including all the protein i need for a week. so i went with it and decided i' d try being a vegetarian for a week...

...and then i walked right over to the tofu to make it official.

so here i go. one week sans porky.

wish me luck?