bake fest

for the start of the school year, i had a little dessert party for the percussionists 
(it was also known as bake fest '09)

the menu:

lemon cake

rugelach raspberry, apricot, and walnut filling

chocolate covered strawberries sprinkled with chili pepper

red velvet cupcakes marshmallow cream cheese frosting, walnuts, jimmies

after having one bite, friend peter proposed to me. i guess my baking skillz are just that magical. i think it had to do with paula deen's fantastic frosting recipe:

{a cup of melted marshmallows}
{a stick of butter}
{an 8 ox package of cream cheese}
{a pound of confectioner's sugar}


chocolate cookie bars white chocolate chips, peanut butter chips

it was tight.

honestly, is there anything better than a bunch of your closest friends and a TON of baked goodies?

i believe that this is the start of something beautiful...

 and the next day there was rugelach dough left over...
so friend alex came over and we made nutella rugelach. you're jealous.