apartment painting is finally (FINALLY) finished!

i've always wanted a red door...

{fun things with chalkboard paint}

purple bathroom!
door to my bathroom with chalkboard people... 
{so roomie and i can dress them and draw faces and stuff}

chalkboard paint in purple bathroom :-)

{living room. roomie making reeds.}

isn't roomie a good drawer??

some shots from the long and treacherous process...

my room matches meester gnome perfectly!

pictures of my room to follow... once i get in my sweet gold curtains and the look is complete...

yay painting is finished painting is finished yayayayayyyyy!!!!!!

it only took us about a week...

and it reminded me of the time when mum and i painted her room at old house. 

when she wasn't looking, i dropped trow and put a butt print on the wall in wet paint.