weekend trip to tanglewood!

last wednesday was the inaugural dinner party in my new apartment!!

menu was:

spinach salad with tasty honey dijon dressing (p.s. anyone have a good recipe for that?)
my secret mac and cheese made with applewood smoked bacon, smokey gouda, jalepeno jack, gruyere, white cheddar, and pecorino romano 
an impromptu fruit salad 

it looked a little like this...
the absence of any sort of coffee or dinner table added to the, ermmm, charm?

after dinner, friend aziz got a surprise email from the boston symphony orchestra saying they needed him for a concert STAT! 

...so we packed our things and left for the berkshires...

and you must understand, i love the berkshires.

so much so that i am going to get married right on the tanglewood grounds... if they let me... and if someone actually agrees to marry me... 

and the wedding shall be catered by loeb's. home of best sandwiches in massachusetts. pictured here from left to right are the italian stallion and the leslie b. don't tell anyone, but these little sandwiches are secretly the real reason that i went to tanglewood this weekend. 

i got serenaded by guy tisdale. who then proceeded to throw down on a lil bartok sonata for two pianos and percussions. 

friends aziz and kyky, pre bso concert. aziz was getting ready to tear up some triangle on la valse!

(i also basked in the sounds of brahms 2, beethoven 4, liszt piano concerto number 2, and the brahms piano concerto number i forget. all in one weekend!! it was fabulous. and the tmc orchestra was amazing!!)

 on sunday morning, tim genis took aziz and i out on his swank boat. it was total swank. 

this is tim wake-boarding. you might be asking yourself, "then who is driving the boat??"

...there's a first time for everything.