oh, jody!

behold, my mum.

she thinks i should occasionally use capital letters in this little blog (i used caps in "FOOD" at the right, does that count?). what do you think?

when i was in high school, we took tap dance class together. it was hilarious, to say the least. 

above picture is from our celebratory tea time at alice's tea cup after signing the lease on my new (and first) apartment! that weekend was just the best because it was her first weekend visiting me in new york when i didn't have a concert or school to bog me down. instead we slowly ate our way throughout manhattan and (gasp!) in to brooklyn!

places that mum and i dined at in our weekend eating expedition:

sushi a go-go  (sorta touristy, but very convenient, as its right across from my schoo)

the new pizza place on 104th (?) and broadway who's name escapes me and is so new it doesn't even have a website, but everything was tasty nonetheless!!

brunch at cafe du soleil 

pre dinner after a glorious walk from 106th down to chelsea market (which ended with an ithinki'vediedandgonetoheaven ice cream sandwich from eleni's). 

(lots of tasti d lite on the way, duhhhh)

a late dinner at max soha. what's better than sitting on the quiet little european stretch of amsterdam ave between 122nd and 123rd, sipping on sangria, munching on gnocchi and carbonara, discussing paint colors with mum? answer: nothing!!!

lunch at IKEA! (oh, lookie, i got so excited that i used caps!) the swedish meatballs make facing brooklyn for the first time in daylight WORTH IT. honestly, go swedes. 

(ready for the grand finale?) 

so after our wild and successful excursion to ikea, mum and i convince ourselves that since we're already in brooklyn, and since the famed and illustrious di fara pizzeria is also in brooklyn, we must be within steps of it!!! (false). brooklyn's huge, man. but alas, us yeh women, the navigators that we are, managed to get to the little man before he ran out of dough (because legend has it, once he runs out, even if it's still within store hours, he shuts down). 

we ordered a circle pie (the other choice being a square pie), thinking, "well that's silly, what dif does a circle or a square make?" but it apparently is code word for thin crust (circle) and thick and doughy (square). we waited. and waited. and waited. in the smokey, and oddly quiet, hole in the wall that mr zagat gave a 4 rating for decor {and a 28 or something for taste}. 

we watched as the guru silently worked on each individual pizza, one at a time. the other thirty or so customers who were waiting were pretty much silent as well, as to not disturb the master. (sort of reminded me of sitting in mr. shaw's calculus class in high school, with everyone too afraid to say anything for fear they'd give a wrong answer). finally after about two hours, his one worker who had to have been his son, whispered "m.y.?" i swear, we would have missed it if we weren't watching the man like a hawk.  i snatched the pie and then devoured it with mum, only pausing to mop up the olive oil that dripped, nay, poured down our arms. 

the verdict? the ingredients were no doubt the best. and the dough was so buttery and delicious! mum said that if she went back she'd tell him easy on the olive oil (oy, i can just picture him coming out of his silent shell to bite someone's head off for such a request). if i go back, i'd sample the square pie. i say "if" though because as amazing as it was, i don't know if it was completely and truly worth the two hour wait and and two hour ride back to the upper west side. if someone presents me with a fine imported beer and excellent conversation topics, i'd do it. if not, i'll fly to chicago in the same amount of time for some lou mal's