a most glorious saturday's eve

1. a date with not one, but two beautiful men (friend craig and roomie chad) to the highly anticipated and newly opened whole foods on the upper west side. 

whole foods cuppie cake friends

she's perfect. just perfect. 

one of the sistas behind the counter was giving out sushi samples. and i don't know if i was woozy from flying for hours today, or giddy from being in a shiny and spankin new whole foods, but the salmon rolls (which have all my life rePULSED me) for some reason looked sooooo tasty!? i don't know what came over me, but without hesitation, i scooped one up and popped it whole into my mouth! i was as shocked with myself as i was at its yummy taste. am i a sushi eatur now? i suddenly feel so posh and in the know.

2. dinner with craig and chad:

fresh spinach and ricotta raviolis 
arrabiata sauce

3. then... craig and i had planned to bake chad a red velvet cake for his birthday tomorrow. but instead i got absorbed in this post by the hilarious and ingenious nico muhly. and c&c insisted on hijacking my kitchen (and in craig's case, the aunt cathy apron) to make the cake. 

we (they) used sunny anderson's recipe


i went to the bang store and bought me some bangs.

and also...

there are few greater things in the world than the surprise last few fries at the bottom of a happy meal bag (yes, i ate a happy meal when i could have been exploring the new world of food in miami. sorry.)