eating in la jolla and san diego!

hello, grandmum!

i had a very very VERY lovely lunch at whisknladle in downtown la jolla avec the pops, the grandpops, and the grandmum. 

i had some very fresh and very tasty tagliatelle with bolognese sauce and pops had sweat breads (not my cup of tea, but he enjoyed it, contrary to what you might think given his ridiculous face in above photo). 

by far the best part was dessert: basil gelato, red pepper strawberry sorbet, and cantaloupe tomato sorbet. the basil gelato was to. die. for. the red pepper strawby was a close second (the pepper hit you first, backed off, and then made room for the strawby to create an utterly refreshing sensation), and the cantaloupe tomato was interesting but not my fave.

the cocktail list looked incredible. i picked the waitress' brain about where one finds blueberry lavender vodka and she said that they infuse it right there in the restaurant! ohhhh how i wanted a lavender cosmo almost more than another scoop of basil gelato! but, alas, it was 2 in the afternoon. and, alas, i am twelve. 

friend nick tolle and me about to dig in to some freaking tacos

after the ginterview, i naturally had to try la fachada
although it took some convincing for jason to drive allll the wayyy out there (at times like these, i miss new york subways)

jason, our resident fachada expert, ordered for nick and me- carnitas, carne asada, and chickens tacos. 

they were all so incredibly tasty! the tortillas were so fresh (the lady stands in the truck and makes them righhhht there). the tastes were simple, but seasoned absolutely perfectly! there wasn't all the junk in the trunk like a typical t-bell taco- it was simply the meat and some green things (and some self serve guac and salsa). i think the favorite of the three was the carnitas. 

the horchata was über tasty as well.

do i support jason's decision in saying this would be his last meal on earth? oh, totally.