cute things

You'd think that after an exhausting day of surfing, interviewing, and cheering for the mets in a stadium of padres fans, I'd pass right out. False. Instead I'm blogging on my blackberry that automatically capitalizes words. Boo.

List of cute things

1. Somebody that I love once sent me a little package with two teensy weensy little glass bunny figurines, simply to commemorate a fantastic weekend.

2. Craig hubbard once found a note buried somewhere at interlochen that said this,

"don't be lazy now. And don't hide yourself too well. If pop-tarts were romantic then gum is even more so. Tell me something about you."

He showed it to me during the summer of 2007 at tanglewood and we oogled over it for months at its beauty and tried to figure out who wrote it or who it was written for, but failed. Eventually we forgot about it and it stayed in a lost wallet of his. But then,just a few weeks ago, the day before he left for santa barbara, he knocked on my practice room door and presented the recovered note! I squeeled in excitement. I was shocked when he told me he wanted me to have it, it meant so much to him. He said it was my time to hold on to it. I still get surprised when I come accross it in my wallet.

3. My mum always talks to our dogs and tell them how much she loves them. Last week, she was convinced that our puli, george gershwin, said, "I love you" back.

4. Brian flescher dropped diane barere's name in a text to me this evening.

5. All of the preggers mums-to-be that are waddling around new york city right now.

6. The retro apron from anthropologie that my fantastic aunt cathy bought me for my new apartment.

7. The scene in the season finale of season 1 of the O.C. Where marissa and ryan are dancing, and gem's "maybe I'm amazed" is playing in the background, and marissa says to ryan, "I understand why you have to leave. But I wish you didn't have to."

8. The rockstar diaries. Completely obsessed.

9. Really extremely tall men and their four foot girlfriends.

10. The look that brian flescher gives you after he's barged into your practice room specifically to fart. He's got the timing down so that the peak of this cute look is at the direct moment that you're about to get really mad. But then you have no choice but to laugh at what just happened.