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today i am featuring siobhan wallace, one half of the blondie brownie team, because i have been a fan of that blog for years now and also because their book just came out! i met blondie and brownie in person at the vendys a few years ago... i served them schnitzel and when i saw their name tags i jumped up and down and professed my love. their book is super great and informative and it makes me imagine that some time in the future there will be a college class on new york food and this will be the textbook. 

here are siobhan's things to hear, see, eat, and not do:

hear // i recently re-fell in love with the dø's album, both ways open jaws, and desperately want them to come back to new york for some concerts.

see // everybody should come to our book events: dumbo's powerhouse arena tomorrow (tuesday, april 16) and at bookcourt on saturday the 27! delicious food at both!!

eat // i am still waiting to get to nomad to have that beautiful thing known as the foie gras-stuffed roast chicken! 

don't // do not rub your eyes after eating old bay fries. 



siobhan: donny tsang


both ways open jaws