the most bridezilla-y thing that stoop did during her wedding weekend was demand a layer of funfetti cake. she half jokingly made this demand over the rehearsal dinner, after i had spent almost an entire 24 hours making the original five layers, and so i told her no way (but naturally i stopped at the market on the way home for a funfetti mix). it took exactly the amount of time to bake that it did to write my speech. and then obviously the entire guest list knew about the new surprise layer but chose to keep it a secret from stoopie until she and the mister cut into it. she screamed probably the loudest scream that dressler has ever heard.

here are some sketches i did on the subway a few weeks ago, during the planning stages:


the layers changed a little bit and the final flavors were, bottom to top: pistachio, black sesame, lemon, chocolate, red velvet, and funfetti®. after i baked and leveled all of them i connected them with a basic butter cream frosting that had a bit of cream cheese added in for extra bite. eggboy brushed the whole thing with warm apricot jam and then we attempted to throw a sheet of marzipan over the whole thing, ghost style, but it tore and i said the f word and at first eggboy thought it might be cool to have part of the layers exposed but a few minutes later we both agreed to try again. so we peeled off the marzipan, rolled it into two pieces, and wrapped one around the sides and topped it off with a nice round hat. it looked a little second grader-y, but i added some sparkle jimmies to maybe give the illusion that it was supposed to be that way. i have another sister who still needs marrying, so hopefully she'll let me practice my wedding cake skills then.