everything i ate and drank on oahu

(or, most of it)

welcome to part 2 of my hawaii posts! (part 1, everything i consumed on maui, is here.)

one bite of every flavor of malasada from leonard's. they were hot doughy balls of insanity that melted swiftly in my mouth. 

plate lunch, with butter mochi for dessert. and entertainment was provided by lily's first bite of spam!!!! so proud of you, lil.

chicken katsu musubiwell, technically it was onigirazu. (i think the only difference is the sandwichy shape...?) it was so satisfying and photogenic, i could eat fried chicken on a bed of that rice til the cows come home. i am itching to make steph's recipe for them now.

the entire menu at the pig and the lady, complete with savory beignets dunked in parmesan foam, a scallion pancake tartare situation, and schmaltz bread, all broken up by "don't go chasing waterfalls" snapchat sing-alongs and the like. it was one of **those** meals, where time is nonexistent and the cocktails disappear. 

the prettiest sushi in the world, followed by the prettiest tartare in the world.

a traditional hawaiian feast at helena's with the sweetest new friends. i had my first poi and kalua pig! and now i'm adding alana's slow cooker kalua pig recipe to my to-make list.

a smoky mezcal cocktail that took my breath away, at the way-too-cool-for-school speakeasy-ish bar leather apron.

a smily face flat white. :) :) 

oahu is so different from maui! we were only there for about 48 hours, but i loved that it had the feel of a big city and the warmth of a small town. (or maybe that's cause we were traveling with alana! i think alana knows every single person on oahu.) we ate so much good food and still managed to squeeze in a double jeopardy viewing slumber party, a trip to the mall for a frida kahlo shirt that i could not live without, and a hike up diamond head. with the exception of the turbulence on the way back to maui, oahu was such a wonderful little side trip. 10/10, would recommend. 


thank you, modern honolulu (and #friendswithbenefits), island air, and nella media group for a delicious few days in oahu!! love to my #slamsquad2016!!