snack time with chickies!

our chickies are not so little anymore! they are like full on teenagers, complete with feathers and the ability to fly. there they are eating watermelon with eggboy at two weeks old, and the photos with the cucumber were taken just last week, when they were a little over a month old. can you believe how quickly they've grown?! remember when they had just hatched??

here are some things that happened in month one:

-they took lots of little dirt baths

-they ate watermelon, cucumber, pulp from our juicer, and bugs

-we discovered that the free straight run exotic chick that came with our flock might actually be a rooster

-they got to meet mum (their grandma!) who said, on a very hot day, what happens when it gets too hot? do we get chicken nuggets?

-they accidentally got into rat poison that we didn't know was left in our garage from when egggrandma lived here and we freaked out completely and went to the vet who gave us little vitamin k shots to give to all of them and they're all ok now but it was scary.

-eggboy spent a lot of time and got very sweaty converting the old playhouse in our backyard into their coop

-one of them got a little wound so we tied a bandage on her leg and she spent the day inside with me. we split a cucumber. she's ok now.

being a chicken mama is hard work! but it's so worth it just to watch all of them waddle and run around and cuddle with each other and cock their heads all adorably to the side. it's so freaky to watch them grow so quickly and i thought that once they got past their newly hatched ball-of-fluff stage they wouldn't be as cute, but oh man, they're still so cute. they are feathery balls of glee that make me so darn happy i could spit. 


thank you so much to the american egg board for sponsoring this post!!! being a chicken mama has helped me gain a whole new appreciation for the farmers who are a part of this board. eggboy and i are seeing first hand how important it is to make sure our chickies get enough light, safe housing, and nutrients, and i can't even imagine what it would be like to have to care for tons more hens like the farmers on the egg board do. did you know that 208 million eggs are laid each day in america and most of those eggs are laid between 7am and 11am?? i can't wait to have a freshly laid omelette from my hens once they start laying :) to find out more about where eggs come from, check out!