i woke up at four this morning with all of the jet-lag! oh man, i am a sleepy sally and it appears that not even any amount of ina garten making eton mess for alex baldwin in the tv will keep me awake right now. 

since four this morning i have drank many espressos, done an enormous amount of laundry, arranged all of eggboy's guidebooks and souvenirs on his desk, bought lots of vegetables to make up for only eating salami and schnitzel and cake and knödel the past two weeks, and placed a new baking soda in the refrigerator because i brought home pinzgau cheese which is so outrageously smelly, it's a good thing our closest neighbors are cats.

above are all of my favorite photos from the first stop on our honeymoon, vienna! our days in vienna began with the doughiest tastiest bread and the creamiest scrambled eggs at our little b&b, which played a continuous soundtrack of waltzes. from there, we went and introduced ourselves to our favorite composer statues, conducted daily cake research, and spent the time with schnitzel that schnitzel deserves. we explored the naschmarkt and the opera hall, and one day on the outskirts of the city, we went bonkers when we came across the apartment that beethoven lived in when he wrote his second symphony. we didn't know how we could top that the next day, but then we ate at a restaurant with a cheese library and a bread sommelier, so there was that! 

the german that i learned in high school came back to me bit by bit and i was able to order a sacher torte and salami pizza on pizza night. every so often we'd see a sign or a plaque from which we could safely assume that, oh, mozart must have walked down this road, or oh, maybe mahler was here. it was really quite magical.

here are some places in vienna that we loved! (thank you sooo much to all of those who sent recommendations!!!)


cafe demel // we shared an esterhazy torte in a grand room with a huge chandelier and it felt so fancy. there's a big window to the kitchen so you can watch the bakers decorate all of the cakes. i could have stayed there all day!

trzesniewski // tasty little open faced sandwiches with pickles and eggs and bacon.

mayer am pfarrplatz // a winery on the outskirts of vienna, right where beethoven spent a few summers! i kept stealing bites of eggboy's spätzle, it was so good.

joseph // the most amazing bread. so doughy and chewy and flavorful... it left me speechless.

spiess & spiess // our cute little b & b in a quiet residential part of vienna, with a cute little courtyard and perfect scrambled eggs. 

if dogs run free // we had drinks and became the most hipster versions of ourselves.

steirereck // it's a restaurant in a park with a cheese library, a bread sommelier, a chocolate course, and an indoor herb garden. it was like eating at a tasty museum! i loved it so much. (thanks, pops!! :)

figlmüller // where schnitzel dreams come true.